Dany's Story

The Journey Begins
Dany was born May 16th, 2011 and for the first few month everything seemed perfect. Then a plague of illness hit Danny.  He suffered from constant ear infections, high fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive amounts of mucus and insomnia.

Around the time of his first Birthday developmental delay were notices. Movement for Dany was difficult and stiff.  Forward motion started with sideways rocking, climbing steps was nearly impossible. In and out of the hospital for the conditions listed above were daily event in his life.

As speech should have developed, Dany remained silent. He began therapy sessions for speech, OT and PT. With constant trips to both Doctors and Hospitals there was no diagnosis for the difficulties Dany was enduring. Physical features began to change in Dany's structure. Any treatments or therapies he was receiving did not change or help his condition.

Shortly after his 3rd birthday Dany was diagnosed by a neurologist as having autism. Not settling for the diagnosis of Autism, his parents began genecology testing. After several grueling months  of waiting for the test results, Dany was diagnosed with Hunters Syndrome.

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