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Researchers and clinicians are ready to bring this potential treatment to Hunter Syndrome patients.  We urge everyone to get involved to help raise needed funds to make this a reality. We are all in this journey together and we'd like everyone’s participation. Every penny counts -- even a change box at work that raises $50 brings us one step closer. Together we can do this and get a step closer to finding a cure. Please share this information widely. We are a registered 501c3 foundation and your donations are tax deductible (IRS Tax ID #46-4296623).  100% of your donations will go towards gene therapy. Contact us for more information about setting up a fundraiser. To donate, click on the link below. We appreciate your help!!

Together Saving Dany

Finding and Funding a Cure for Hunter Syndrome

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At Together Saving Dany we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world. But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now. 

Our Mission

Help us give our boys with Hunter Syndrome a chance to live.

How Can I Help Save These Boys?

Funding for MPSII gene therapy so far has been able to breed mice and colonize them by stages of disease. At this point, we need to generate monies for future stages of the study which will include brain involvement and studying cognitive improvement. The goal is to start human clinical trials in 2015. MPSII foundations and parents are actively working with the FDA to make sure everything is done in an expedited fashion.

Hope is in Sight for the Hunter Boys

The Hunter Syndrome Foundation is pleased to announce that we will soon begin to fund gene therapy research for Hunter Syndrome/MPSII. Dr. Douglas McCarty at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio is currently conducting research in this area. Per Dr. McCarty: "In developing gene therapy for rare metabolic diseases like MPS II, our main goal is to address the gene defect that is the root cause of the disease, using a treatment that's stable over many years. Because lysosomal storage affects multiple organs and tissues, we also recognize the need to treat as many symptomatic areas as possible to maximize the benefit to the patient's quality of life. We feel that these goals are within reach given the tools and techniques that we've been developing over many years of research in gene therapy. While it still remains to prove these treatments in the clinic, we are currently interacting with the FDA to begin these trials in the related lysosomal storage diseases, MPS IIIB and IIIA, using the same strategies."

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